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How It Works

  1. On the home page select the event you want to purchase tickets for and you will be redirected to the Event Information Page.
  2. On the Event Information Page locate the select Buy Ticket and you will be redirected to the Ticket Page.
  3. On the Ticket Page, select the quantity of tickets you require. Once done select Reserve Ticket.  
  4. The Reserve Ticket page reserves tickets automatically for 10 minutes. This means within 10 minutes you should; fill out the name(s), email address(es) and phone number(s) of the attendee(s) or if you are the one attending, click on the autofill option. SelectPay Now, and you will be redirected to the payment option page where you fill in your card/bank details to make your purchase. 
  5. Once payment is completed, your e-ticket will be sent to the email address(es) provided within minutes!
  1. Don’t Have a TicketNaija Account? Create on or Sign in to your account on Ticket Naija and fill your details
  2. Ensure you update your profile correctly
  3. Click on the New Event
  4. Once filled in, click on Submit Event. Fill in New Event details;

    • Event Title
    • Event Date - start date and time as well as end date and time
    • Event Description - synopsis, summary or reason for the event to get your audience interested.
    • Event Venue – search our list of venues or create a new venue if not found in auto fill.
    • Event image/creative/graphic.
    • Event Ticket – create free or paid tickets. Always set a sales start date and an end date to control ticket sales. The number of tickets to be purchased at a time.
    • Fill other Details below

  5. We will get back to you ASAP via email and a phone call for proper verification to avoid fraudulent acts.
  6. You can choose to checkout your funds at weekly basis at a minimum of ₦30,000.
  7. We as well provide ushers to manage the check in of tickets at your events at a different expense
  8. You can as well shut down your tickets sales on our platform at any time, and your 95% due funds will be sent to you instantly.